Data Physicalization

Workshops Series and Materials

During the last 5 years an important number of workshops about/with/on data physicalization have been run. This webpage try to list the past and future workshops, and also the workshop materials produced for the practical activity and exercises. If you plan to run a workshop or you have been running a workshop about/with data physicalization, please contact us to update the page.

Workshop Material
Date Name Document Authors Venue
2018 Physlist: You Name it! Instructions & material Samuel Huron, Anaelle Beignon IEEE VIS 2018, Dagshtul
2016 Let's Get physical Instructions., Cards, Report kit fabrication Samuel Huron, Pauline Gourlet, Uta Hinrichs, Trevor Hogan, Yvonne Jansen DRS2016, DIS2017, DRS2018 (updated version)
2013 Viz Kit adapted to classroom Report. Wesley Willet University of Calgary class room
2013 Viz Kit Instructions., Photos Samuel Huron, Jeremy Boy Futur en seine, OK events, Super Demain, UN events ...
2011 Handmade Visualization Toolkit Photos Jose Duarte


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